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The very places we went last year, Aux Cayes, Haiti,  to provide Food , Education and finance people to start their own business, have been devastated by the Hurricane Mathews.

We are planning an emergency relief effort to send  money, goods and people  to Haiti ASAP, we are heart broken by series of events overtaken Haiti from 2000 to today. Haiti looks like today it has been hit by a  nuclear weapon.

Over 1000 people Haitians dead, Over 350, 000 live stocks disappeared

The main bridge that links the capital of Port-au-Prince to Southern Haiti has collapsed.

Grande Anse, Port-Salut and Port-à-Piment with 1,243,000 (522,000 children) affected.

Les Cayes has been totally flooded. 350,000, 10,000 emergency shelters are needed.

Cholera,  is killing some people because of non drinkable water and flooding.  

The Effect of January 12th, 2010 Earthquake is still an open wound to Most Haitians

Some People lost Almost everything, including family members, live stocks, devastated farm, lost business, residential housing and hope.

We are asking all of our friends to make an extra effort today to bring back sunshine to many Haitians affected by the rage of Hurricanes Mathews. Please click HERE to donate and we will send you an update of how things are rolling in the efforts.

The Devastations left by Hurricane Mathews left us Speechless, we have been rolled back to many years of progress made after the earthquake

Hurricane Mathews Desasters  in Cayes, Haiti